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Top three breast types for your sex doll

When you’re buying a sex doll, it’s important to know which breast type is the most suitable to your needs. As daunting as it can be, making an informed decision on the right breast type can give you more value for your purchase.

Here are the three breast types that you can choose from for your sex doll.

1. Hollow breasts

This type of breast gives a light and bouncy feel that’s perfect for anyone who wants their sex doll to have super soft breasts. As the name suggests, hollow breasts are filled with air as opposed to being filled with gel or solid TPE. Being squishy and jiggly, they are easy to grab and manipulate, satisfying anyone’s sexual fantasies. Moreover, hollow breasts tend to bounce steadily which gives a nice natural movement for the doll during sex. It’s the perfect option for sex dolls that have C and D-cup sizes.

2. Solid breasts

Solid breasts are more ideal for sex dolls that have smaller A-cup and B-cup sizes. Made with silicone or solid TPE material, this breast type is firm and perky yet still possesses a desirable level of bounce and softness. The best thing about solid breasts is that it’s free from additional upgrade cost. If you’re not the picky type and you’re looking for breasts that are perfect in shape, the solid breasts option is your best bet.

3. Gel-filled breasts

Known as the most realistic breast option for sex dolls, gel-filled breasts feel softer than solid breasts and appear more real than hollow breasts. If you’re looking for something that’s between being firm and being bouncy, then the gel-filled breasts will certainly fit your preference. The gel substance, which feels like human fat, gives the breast a more realistic feel. It allows the breasts of the sex doll to simulate and behave like the real breasts. If you’re looking for a sex doll that has the most lifelike breast type, gel-filled breasts would make a smart and worthwhile upgrade.