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Guide to creating your custom sex doll

At DollsClub we pride ourselves on offering the latest and best sex dolls available. However, what sets our dolls apart is the ability to customise them down to the finest detail - even down to the design of their fingernails.

We understand that when spending lots of money on a sex doll it makes sense that you’d want the doll to be as closely tailored to your preferences as possible, which is why we offer custom sex dolls to allow you to create the woman or man of your dreams.

In addition, it’s likely that you will be more able to form a strong connection to your doll if it matches all of your preferences, making it a better companion for you.

What customisations are possible?

Almost every element of the sex doll can be customised, giving you full control over your doll’s appearance. The customisations possible include: skin tone, hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour, breast shape and size, vagina design and labia design, and fingernail design.

Sex Doll Finder

What if you’re not sure exactly what kind of doll you want? The amount of choice can sometimes be intimidating, especially when it is the first sex doll that you have purchased. Not to worry - we’ve developed a tool to help you decide what features you’re looking for!

The Sex Doll Finder asks you a series of questions to find out your preferences for individual features such as breast size, hair color and skin tone. Once you have completed all the questions the finder will suggest some of the dolls stocked by DollsClub that match your preferences, and you can use these results for inspiration when creating your custom sex doll.

If you have any questions about creating your custom sex doll, feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected] or by using our live chat feature.