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Amazing ways to use and enjoy a sex doll

People may have different perceptions when it comes to owning a sex doll. If you’re getting the high-end models, it may seem like you’re spending as much when you’re buying a car. Whatever reason you may have for getting your dream sex doll, you need to realize the values and changes it would bring to your life. Unlike the toys that you’ve had in childhood, a sex doll is something that you want to use and treat differently for reasons that go beyond simply possessing one.

Dress Your Doll

Learn the skill of dressing your doll by making it part of your daily task. Make a fashion calendar and assign daily fashion themes such as Sportswear Sunday, Metallic Monday, Tutti Frutti Tuesday, and so on. Apart from choosing fashionable clothing styles, you also need to consider the size of the clothes. Usually, love dolls can easily fit small and medium sizes because of their perfectly shaped body. Other clothing items such as underwear would require certain dressing skills. When putting underwear on your sex doll, let it lie down on a flat surface. Bend the knees and align them with the crotch. Then put the underwear on the thighs and pull it up while you raise her hips. You can use the same position when putting stockings on the doll. While it may seem a little tedious in the beginning, most doll owners believe that dressing for your sex doll is an interesting chore.

Do a doll photo shoot

Taking photos of your sex doll is another chore that gives great pleasure. Now that you’ve done a great job in the dressing your doll part, why not make it more satisfying by doing a photo shoot with your sex doll. After all, you are a gentle man who treats your doll as a girlfriend and wants to show her off to the world. Buy her new clothes, new wigs, shoes and accessories that will complement your photo shoot theme. Learn how to mix and match colors, shapes, and styles to create various looks and character.

Bathe your doll

Spend a relaxing afternoon with your sex doll by giving her a bath. Do you fantasize about having sex with your doll in the bathtub? The experience is definitely unique and incomparable to doing it on the bed. It gives a different feeling that is unbelievably satisfying and pleasurable. When you’re done with bathing your sex doll, don’t forget to pat her body dry and spread baby powder all throughout. Make sure that no water gets into the metal connectors found at the doll’s neck to prevent the formation of rust inside the doll’s skeleton. Lastly, remember to dry the feet of your standing doll well since they are also made of metal.

Sleep with your sex doll

For a more authentic experience, choose attractive lingerie for your sex doll to wear every time you sleep with her. You can wrap your arms around her waist, clasp your hands with her hands, stroke her hair softly, or rest your hands on her breasts. For a softer model, go for the TPE sex doll. If you want your doll to have a tighter feel, then choose the silicone type of sex doll. In winter, you can use an electric blanket to provide heat to your sex doll. Another option is the vagina USB heating rod which is known for its convenience to use.

Live healthier and happier with your sex doll

Sex dolls are also known to provide genuine companionship and peacefulness of the mind and soul. Now, coming home from work is more exciting and meaningful knowing that there is a wonderful doll waiting for you. Dinner is even more fun when you can share your day’s stories with your sex doll at the dinner table. While the doll won’t be able to speak and respond to whatever you’re expressing, it has a soul that can communicate and eyes that seem to tell you how wonderful you are. With a sex doll in your house, life becomes so much happier and your troubles become easier to bear.