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Buy masturbators cheap - our sex toys for men

The masturbator is your reliable helper for an ecstatic feeling of happiness during the solo act. Male pleasure is individual and multifaceted. From soft to hard - a masturbator has to meet a range of requirements in terms of handling and appearance. Our range of masturbators is therefore extensive and offers the perfect material for every situation and every taste.

At DOLLSCLUB, your pleasure with the most realistic feeling possible is our top priority - and not just with our sex dolls. A good masturbator is designed to resemble a real vagina and is simple to use: you use the product however you like. This sex toy provides great pleasure in a very uncomplicated way. Thanks to the material, the surface of the masturbators feels real. This means that a masturbator comes close to its vagina model.

Pleasure and sensation: A masturbator offers you varied stimulation with maximum pleasure. Don't miss out on this experience! You can buy your masturbator directly online here - we deliver quickly & discreetly!


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What are masturbators?

Every man is different and every man climaxes differently. Some find masturbation very easy and orgasm quickly, while others take longer. Some want quick relief and some take their time and simply enjoy it.

Or maybe you would like to try something new with your partner. This is where our masturbators come into play. All of them are suitable for multiple use and provide maximum pleasure.

Basically, masturbators are artificial vaginas, sometimes also anuses. The toys serve as an aid to masturbation and are designed to make your masturbation even more exciting and varied. With different designs and versions, they are tailored to your needs and tastes and make stimulation easier.

Different designs and materials for every taste

The designs of masturbators vary. Different types of masturbator ensure a pleasant use and stimulation that gets you going. The expectations of a masturbator are correspondingly high. Maximum sensation, ease of use and an appealing design: since a masturbator has to do a lot, we make sure that our products are made of a material that promises optimal pleasure.

Do you prefer to be gently embraced or is it more pleasurable for you when you feel firmly in control? The perfect blow job or do you prefer anal penetration? The choice is yours! Our masturbators come in different designs and offer you exactly the kind of sensation and intensity that excites you the most.

The stimulation also depends on the inner texture of the masturbator - smooth, studded, grooved or wavy. You can clearly feel the difference. The proof of the pudding is in the eating - the masturbator test will show you how suitable the toy is for your individual stimulation.

Masturbators for men: these models are available

At DOLLSCLUB, we have something for every taste and preference. Let yourself be inspired in our store. Generally speaking, masturbators are divided into lifelike models and sex toys with an ergonomic design, known as pocket masturbators.

Lifelike models come in different variations and designs. There are models that imitate the entire female body. With these, you can really let off steam vaginally, anally and even orally. However, if these models are too big for you, DOLLSCLUB also offers smaller models for every pleasure. In this version, we offer various postures that imitate your favorite position: Whether missionary, doggy or standing, everything is possible.

The pocket pussy, on the other hand, is the masturbator in travel format. Small and handy, it can be taken and stored anywhere and offers discreet pleasure. Some of our models are modeled on porn stars and offer you a special thrill, while others have two openings for double the fun. One opening is modeled on the vagina, the other on the anus. Both have stimulating structures to give you more stimulation during solo sex.

All masturbators that you can buy in our store are modeled on the female body. They are equipped with sensually soft skin, real-looking labia and the feeling of a real vagina. The only important thing is that you know your penis size and length.
The masturbator of your choice should fit snugly and caress your penis. However, it should not be too tight or too short to avoid injuries. If the masturbator is too big, you may not feel any effect at all.

Masturbators are made from these materials

Masturbators are available in a wide variety of materials. So you can choose for yourself what feels most real and best for you. There are also alternative options for you if you have allergies to a material.

Our masturbators at DOLLSCLUB are made of TPE, TPR, PET, latex or silicone. These are all high-quality materials that are soft and pleasant to the touch and increase your pleasure even further. The materials are chosen so that they feel like real skin on the outside and can stimulate your penis during penetration. The best example of this is TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). The material is medically safe and hypoallergenic.

What's more, it offers a cheaper alternative to silicone and imitates human skin at least as well. The TPE material is also a heat accumulator. It absorbs the ambient heat and therefore offers you an even more realistic masturbation experience.

In addition, grooves or stimulating structures are often incorporated into our masturbators to give your orgasm a special kick. Don't worry if there is no material labeled on our products. You can simply contact us using the "Questions about the item?" button in the product description and we will be happy to help you.

Intensity and manageability of our masturbators thanks to their anatomical shape

The pocket version of the masturbator, also known as the pocket pussy, is particularly popular among men. This masturbator is modeled on the anatomy of women. The deceptively real replica of delicate female skin gives you a very special thrill with this toy.

Maximum pleasure and uncomplicated use, whenever and wherever you want: this masturbator is so visually unobtrusive and handy that you can easily take it with you when traveling. It's not for nothing that many men appreciate the timeless classic of the pocket masturbator. Are you interested in the pocket version? Then take a look at our Fleshlights category.

Do you want your toy to come as close as possible to a real vagina in terms of material and design? Then we have the right masturbators for you! Our masturbators are also modeled after real porn stars. Men can use them to get the best pleasure at home. You can expect a lifelike product that will give you a lot of pleasure.

Because your penis only deserves the best - the quality of the masturbator must be right!

When buying a masturbator, you should generally pay attention to high-quality material and excellent workmanship. This guarantees that the life and use of the toy will allow you to use it consistently - for a pleasurable experience. The material is also crucial for a realistic feeling during pleasurable play.

For a masturbator to feel like the real thing, the inner surface of the masturbator must be made of silicone. The elaborately designed material provides you with stimulation at the highest level. With us, you can rest assured that you will only receive high-level toys that meet our requirements without exception.

If you want even more fun at some point: we'd be happy to show you our silicone and TPE sex dolls here, just browse through them.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about our masturbators

The use of all types of masturbators is uncomplicated. Nevertheless, DOLLSCLUB customers often have questions about stimulation and masturbators. That's why you'll find facts that are important for men here. Want to know more about masturbators? Our customer service will be happy to help you.

How do I use my new masturbator?

The masturbator is placed over the erect penis. Men can then act according to how they feel. Your masturbator will excite you with fast or slow movements until you climax. You can find out what you like by using different stimulation techniques. Put your own hands on it - with a toy from DOLLSCLUB in appealing designs, your stimulation becomes a real experience.

But a masturbator isn't just fun on its own. It can also add variety to sex with your sex partner. Stimulate each other or at the same time, watch each other or simply let your partner experiment. The possibilities are endless.

Why do I need lubricant when using my masturbator?

Lubricant is extremely important when using masturbators. What happens if you don't use the necessary lubricant when using your sex toy? Then you'll be putting a strain on the sensitive penis skin and the material of the toy. Excessive friction and overstimulation can sooner or later cost you the pleasure. That doesn't have to be the case.

Use lubricant to make it easier for you to penetrate the masturbator. The lubricant also enhances the realistic feeling - and therefore the desire for more. Stimulation with lubricant - using your masturbator feels just like penetrating a vagina.

Our tip: A lubricant pump from our range of accessories makes it particularly easy to insert the gel.

Which lubricant for which masturbator?

Depending on the material of the masturbator, certain lubricants may or may not be particularly suitable. Therefore, please read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Contact our support team if you are unsure about the suitability of the lubricant for your masturbator. We will give you professional advice.

In general, however, we can say that silicone-based personal lubricants should not be used with silicone toys. This is because they make the material brittle and rough and thus provide space for bacteria. This makes the masturbator unusable in the end. However, silicone-based personal lubricants can be used for masturbation in the shower as they are not easily soluble in water.

Water-based personal lubricants work well with any material and toy. They are particularly suitable for sensitive skin as they are moisturizing. This means you are on the safe side when using your masturbator. Both when it comes to the toy and your skin. However, you may need to use a little more as it absorbs quite quickly.

How do I clean my masturbator properly?

To ensure a long shelf life, you should clean your masturbators thoroughly after each use. The hygienic aspect also plays an important role, as germs and fungi can form if not properly cared for and cleaned. For thorough cleaning, remove the inner tube of the masturbator.

Then rinse it thoroughly with water and possibly with a suitable mild cleaning product. The masturbator should then be left to dry completely - inside and out! Once cleaned and cared for, your toy can be used again at any time and guarantees a long service life.

Please refrain from using normal hand washing soaps or lotions when cleaning. These attack the material due to the oils they contain and can destroy the feeling of authenticity. Even small amounts of oil can cause the material to become sticky.

We recommend using commercially available baby powder after cleaning and drying. Especially if your toy should be sticky. Rubbing in the powder has a sealing effect and protects against soiling. It also restores the soft skin structure's softness and authentic feel. Give it a try!

Where do I store my masturbator?

When storing your masturbator, you should choose a cool and dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. This will prevent the surface from becoming porous due to too much UV radiation or bacteria from forming due to permanent moisture.

For a longer shelf life, keep your masturbator well hidden in a safe place. We recommend finding a discreet place to store your sex toy. For example, in a cloth bag or wrapped in a towel.

Men will find what they are looking for here

Our sex toys for men put your preferences first. For a pleasurable experience, each of our masturbators is worth a test. Take a look around and be amazed at how much pleasure a masturbator can give you. An attractive design with an appealing shape, a realistic feel and easy to use: a masturbator from DOLLSCLUB offers you an incomparably realistic feeling. You can only buy the best masturbators from us!

Not sure whether the model suits your taste? Then perhaps the reviews of the respective product will convince you. If you still have any questions, you can contact us by phone or via the contact form. We will treat your questions discreetly and 100% confidentially. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We are available 24/7, i.e. around the clock every day of the week, to clarify any uncertainties and questions you may have. We are also available after the purchase. For example, in the event of problems, damage or discoloration, and we are also happy to provide instructions on specific care products and accessories. We are also happy to put you in touch with a specialist repair service provider if necessary.

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