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22 Aug 2023

Thanks for the fast shipping and discreet especially!

Super fast and professional handling. Thank you for my Sandy, a beautiful smaller doll. With WM WOLL certificate with it! Serious provider of Dollsclub, absolutely recommendable!

14 Aug 2023

Simply the best

So Ketty in the size is just top of the look the details where I saw them for the first time, I have simply missed the words. From Vienna I greet you very warmly!

Sexpuppe Holly wie abgebildet | Sonderanfertigung

18 Jul 2023

Thank you so much for an adorable Holly!

Great support team, quick response and shipment to me in Denmark. After only 4 days I could see with the tracking number that Holly is delivered to me. She looks fantastic, so beautiful and realistic. Thank you dear team of DollsClub, clear recommendation from me!

5 Jul 2023

Thank you very much, more orders will be placed here!

A super start with this provider. Questions are answered quickly, when shipping you get dierekt the shipment number and can look forward to the doll. Tony looks beautiful and the price is just top! Serious provider and from me a clear recommendation!

DollsClub Support Team 5 Jul 2023

Dear Marc,

thank you very much for your feedback and the positive rating on DollsClub,

Your DollsClub Support Team

3 Jul 2023

Discreet and fast shipping to Santa Monica

Thank you for this beautiful sex doll!
From the weight already really much but it makes the thing very realistic Beautiful doll and especially cheap. The provider DollsClub makes a serious impression, more sex dolls are bought here. All the best to you!

DollsClub Support Team 5 Jul 2023

Dear Steven,

nice that we could make you happy with our Kim, we thank you for your review!

Best regards - Your DollsClub Support Team

28 Jun 2023

Thank you so much I love my Ketty, a very great sex doll that is very light, small and yet so adult!

Thank you so much I love my Ketty, a very great sex doll that is very light, small and yet so adult!

22 Jun 2023

unbelievable this torso!

Jesus fucing Christ, what a great product !!!!!!! Shit makes this fun, the torso is incredible , when fucking with lube comes such a realistic feeling hich The tits also perfect for a titty fuck, everything fits. Thank you Dollsclub, you are n top provider in any case! Greetings go out!

DollsClub Support Team 23 Jun 2023

Dear José,

wow, that's a great review, thank you very much!

Your DollsClub Support Team

16 Jun 2023

as always just great run

am since 2 years customer of Dollsclub and own some beautiful fire dolls and wm dolls. the dollsclub is serious and a top company. no fake dolls always zertifkate with it and always available. this time I decided for a torso from the price times ne completely different level to a large doll. still makes incredible fun the feeling during sex is identical to any big doll. you can use super easy and clean and hide. thank you are simply the best and have the best selection. your regular customer lenny.

DollsClub Support Team 21 Jun 2023

Dear Lenny,

I'm glad you like Rosie so much, thank you very much for your rating in our store!

Your DollsClub Support Team

12 Jun 2023

my trusted provider - great ZELEX SEXDOLL !!!!

Hello Dollsclub and readers of this review, a big thank you to the provider Dollsclub, where I had a really very positive buying experience. The advice on the phone or via email was friendly and always quickly clarified. About ZELEX Doll I was recommended to this provider, which was excellent, because the price / performance of my Amelie with all the free upgrades as a hybrid version is simply unbeatable. Amelie looks so crazy adorable, her head with the moving jaw, the teeth...just unimaginable. In photos but also in real she just looks 100% human and real, great artistic craft! The delivery time was a bit longer, but the wait was worth it, the next doll will be a full silicone ZELEX with extra head with it. Thank you for the terrific start, the professional realization of all my wishes and the discreet delivery and handling. Thanks also for the factory pictures, from that point on I could hardly wait to receive my Amelie! :-) All the best and keep up the good work Dollsclub!!! Hendrick

Sexpuppe Lara wie abgebildet | Spezial-Make-Up!

13 May 2023

Very nice doll and trustworthy dealer!

Finally a dealer who is serious and the doll looks just as beautiful, no even more beautiful even in real. Very nice contact with quick response to questions. Thank you DollsClub!

16 Mar 2023

Good enough

I received my doll on time (although in my reserved area it is not delivered yet).
Positive notes:
Fast delivery
Perfect packing
Beautiful workmanship
Negative notes:
I had asked for the second wig "brunette" but I received it "blonde"
the doll does not have the Stand-Up foot with protective caps
the mentioned lube set was not present
However other than that I would say excellent product.

13 Feb 2023

Thank you very much, it was worth the wait - full marks to the supplier: DOLLSCLUB

The torso was unfortunately out of stock and I had this reserved and waited 5 beaten weeks for the new delivery.... Since Saturday I am in possession of this torso, no, this premium torso!!!! With my herniated disc, lifting a sex doll is unfortunately not possible, but am so happy with this option from Rosie! Loose to wear, extremely sexy from the proportions and TOP material, that feels so horny! With lubricant it slips properly and feels so crazy real! Top, thank you for the care, advice and very discreet and coordinated delivery. If I should buy something again, then only about you, everything else I tried was done super uncoordinated (many have already named here these fake providers from China), Thank you very much and a good week to you all, your Richy.

Bestseller Sexdoll Anissa in 157cm wie abgebildet

28 Jan 2023

Super nice & friendly provider!!!!

Trust & seriousness is especially important to me with this product. With the Dollsclub of hit the mark: Contact, delivery, doll just exactly as it should be! No desire for any fake dolls or deliveries to the neighbor.... My Anissa came this morning on Saturday as agreed, was delivered to the front door, I also paid cash on delivery, so in money at the transfer, this is top this option! Anissa pleases me times really well, an extremely sweet doll and so sexy at the same time. Thank you for all the extras with it, I received lube money, cleaner, an outfit, 3 wigs and a blanket with it, great, just super nice. Just like the support, which responds extremely quickly. 2nd order is already in the stop, goes out tomorrow on Sunday, delivery please Tuesday morning, I'm looking forward to new visit! :) Have a great weekend, Dennis.

Sexpuppe Betty wie abgebildet | Sonderanfertigung

30 Dec 2022

Thanks to DOLLSCLUB!!!!! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

I had this model reserved 3 weeks ago, because I have informed myself which dolls are coming soon in stock.

Super negative experience with the provider Wifedoll and Gutdoll made - you read it again and again but I was also left standing here super in the rain. First both dolls that stood without notice in front of the house, one completely soaked by rain and the other with the imprint " Plastic Doll ". Can also like felt 1000 other customers before these providers from China with poor contact ( especially with problems!!!! ) only advise against.

Back to Betty: WOW, just WOW - her look blows me away, just blows me away and with the special make up the implementation and the look looks soooviel crasser than any other of my dolls. No matter my 2000€ WM with body make up, this Fire Doll just takes the cake!

The support from the DOLLSCLUB, the site here from the structure, assortment, and Zurechtfindung ... Worlds and simply tailored in my opinion for the product, the best provider.

3 weeks waiting time was quite long, it was announced 1-2 weeks, so there is here n small deduction but now the delivery is there and I as a customer more than satisfied!
Best start to the new year.

Thanks to all who work at DOLLSCLUB and Happy New Year!!!!!


3 Dec 2022

Christmas can come!!! :-D :-D :-D

I would never have thought how real can feel so a torso, I went on the experiment and do not regret it! The money was tight, despite Christmas bonus, so the offer of Reality Doll Torso met me, the choice super! I chose the Latina Torso, own it for a week and have to say it's almost the best sex I've ever had :-D :-D AWESOME!!!! Thanks a lot to the support, you write back quickly, you are friendly and you ship very customer oriented: discreetly and quickly with tracking from your own warehouse! Thank you DollsClub, Merry Christmas, I look forward to the time now very much :-D Best regards from Barcelona!

DollsClub Support Team 4 Dec 2022

Dear Yannick,

what a great and positive review, but we are very happy about it and wish you also a nice Vorweihnachtszet! Thank you for the review of our masturbators, these products are among the TOP SOLD 2022.

Best regards - Your DollsClub Support Team