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4 May 2022

Thank you for the discreet express delivery!

With China going into complete lockdown, it's too hot for me with imports. All the better that you have such a large stock. My dream doll found here, the exchange went super easy, the refund of the difference I got the day of the exchange and the doll Mella the following day!!!!
Am super satisfied and as a surprise head I received WM head Valessa, AWESOME !!!!
THANKS THANKS THANKS, super trustworthy provider!!

DollsClub Support Team 12 May 2022

Dear Sam,

thank you very much for your positive feedback and rating in our store!

All the best and see you hopefully soon again - Your DollsClub Support Team

30 Apr 2022

Absolutely, rather with reputable provider instead of such a China shop!!!!!!

Have bought a doll at "Beerdoll" and could puke in the beam!!!!!!!!! Because of agreed delivery time, the package from "their warehouse" arrived after 8 days with me WITHOUT notice, I was not at home and my neighbor has accepted it!!!!! The name of the doll was bold on the box...they are completely insane! On complaint then came a China/German/English text that made little sense. Doll looked completely different to me, since then never heard from them again ...
To DollsClub:
Excellent contact, Fast response, Fast shipping (3 days to Amsterdam) with tracking and Tizzi a 10/10 with WM certificate and code to check the authenticity. 2 heads included and many extras - MANY THANKS!

DollsClub Support Team 12 May 2022

Dear Nathan,

thank you very much for your positive feedback! We are very sorry if you had such big problems with a supplier from China. Unfortunately, there is little to no support for these stores and you are left to deal with complaints.

Glad that you are with us and are satisfied with our service and product!

All the best - Your DollsClub Support Team

29 Apr 2022

Enthusiastic realism

I am really thrilled and glad not to have chosen a cheap alternative in the end. Here again many thanks to Fabian for the good advice. TPE feels really very realistic and is a great material. The figure is really very appealing. I had long considered whether 135 cm is a good and realistic choice. But she does not seem small at all, because the other proportions are right. And what one forgets fast, also Holly weighs "already" 30 kg and that is more than a bag of potting soil, to express it times in such a way. That is to say, just the right size and weight and so she is to handle. I am really excited and have made a good choice. I was really overwhelmed when Holly was dressed. And there are no limits to creativity.
All in all super.

DollsClub Support Team 12 May 2022

Dear Matthias,

thank you very much for your positive feedback at DollsClub!
I'm glad that you are satisfied with your doll and that we could make you very happy.

All the best and love - Your DollsClub Support Team

4 Apr 2022

Very flexible and fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Due to global supply chain issues and a lockdown in China, the delivery time is delayed, which is more than understandable. At my request to skip the wait with a doll ready for immediate delivery, it was done quickly, conscientiously and without gaps. The difference from the amount of the order was immediately transferred back to me and I received the doll 3 days later! my desired doll from the EU warehouse: Clarry!
Fabulous service, quick change of the order, agreed delivery and the best: an enchantingly beautiful and high quality love doll.
With great pleasure and conviction I thank you and highly recommend this store.

19 Feb 2022

Perfect Doll

This doll is a beautiful made of TPE gem with great attention to detail!
You can only recommend if you want to have fun with his doll!
WMDOLL is at the forefront of very high quality.
Thank you for the great service and this great doll!

4 Feb 2022

Delivered as advertised

Thanks Fabian! This is a spectacular product, and the 5 day or so delay was the only issue I had with this reputable vendor who communicated with me and delivered the gem I wanted. Will use again! The Jessy is really well done, as good as the pictures, thanks to WM as well for an artistically-designed beauty.

Karlee in 157cm + GRATIS EXTRAKOPF!

12 Jan 2022

customer picture from Manuel

Published by DollsClub.

DollsClub Support Team 12 Jan 2022

A big thank you to customer "Manuel" for this great picture of sex doll Karlee in stock!


7 Jan 2022

Karlee the everlasting

Hello dear DollsClub, Just read the review from Sammy and would also like to make a review of my Karlee 166 cm C Cup as pictured from stock! Like Sammy, I own this work of art from Doll since the early days Fire-Doll. It still makes me totally proud today that I was allowed to be the owner of the very first Fire-Doll to arrive in the Europe warehouse. To Karlee only so much, she is after all the years not aged a bit, her TPE still as fresh and undamaged as on the first day, the joints still super adjusted, she is still one of my absolute favorite dolls and there were already so many after her! Conclusion for me, even today a clear purchase recommendation that you do not regret! Karlee is simply an eye width! Best regards, Dieter

DollsClub Support Team 7 Jan 2022

Dearest Dieter,

we are very happy that after Sammy's great review we receive such another nice feedback from you with great pictures - THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

Yes, our Fire Dolls are from the price performance simply the non-plus-ultra and inspire many of our customers, nice that yours is still a real treasure. The pictures, a highlight, simply great!

Customer pictures of  the sex doll Karlee by Fire-Doll, currently in stock with extra head available:



Thank you very much for the nice impressions and best regards - your DollsClub Support Team

31 Dec 2021

Dream Woman

What a beauty one is offered for such an unbeatable price! I am totally thrilled by this masterpiece! Especially impress me also the details of the body and the captivating and expressive look of the beautiful Lydia! A big thank you goes to Fabian and the Dollsclub team from a satisfied customer who may experience a great enrichment with a happy smile; especially in times of pandemic an added value!

DollsClub Support Team 31 Dec 2021

Dear Manuel,

thank you very much for your review of your sex doll Lydia ! The picture you sent is just amazing, Lydia with the hair and styling looks just unbelievably beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!!

Customer picture of love doll Lydia by Manuel


Happy New Year and the very best greetings - Your DollsClub Support Team

Karlee in 157cm + GRATIS EXTRAKOPF!

10 Dec 2021

Extremely satisfied, thank you DollsClub!

Thank you for the fast shipping and this stunning doll! Unbeatable for the price, the quality comes close to a WM Doll twice as expensive! The next doll I will buy again from you, love to Fabian from the support team, a great guy!

26 Nov 2021

Opiniones sobre Lucky

De aspecto impresionante, la que más se acerca a una mujer real.

18 Nov 2021

Simply incredible!

Hello dear Dollsclub team again I did it, I could not resist her beauty and purity. Jennifer 166 cm C Cup is worth every centimeter, what do I say, every millimeter, a super athletic body on which sits a gorgeous head. For her size she is easy to act and her entire body has been modeled just gorgeous, I know this model has been around for a while and I have often considered buying this body with head XY but no head seemed right, until now, in this configuration she has become my dream girl. Thank you DollsClub, thank you WM for this girl. As always a love to the colleagues of the DollsClub team, of course to Simon and Dominic, stay healthy!

DollsClub Support Team 18 Nov 2021

Dear Swenson,

Thank you for your positive feedback and the super beautiful pictures of your Jennifer! We are now all fans of your pictures that show our dolls so alive and how authentic they look, very great !

The pictures of sex doll Jennifer as shown: 

Jennifer-166-C-36 Jennifer-166-C-36-2 Jennifer-166-C-36-3

All the best and see you hopefully & surely soon again - Your DollsClub Support Team


4 Nov 2021

Tony is a man's dream!

I'm super glad you guys recommended Tony to me, it looks so much nicer in real life again! Thanks for the factory picture, that convinced! Price / performance is simply unbeatable, the quality is great!

Thanks a lot !!!

DollsClub Support Team 4 Nov 2021

Hello Luca,

we are very happy about your review, thank you very much!

Nice that the choice fell on Tony, our RF-Dolls are in our opinion unbeatable for the price and top quality and are well received by our customers. Great that we could convince you with the factory picture, to see here again:


We wish you all the best and are already looking forward to your next visit in our store,

Your DollsClub Support Team

Torso Bianca AUF LAGER

29 Oct 2021

Sexy and top price !!!!

sexy and super price thank you - love from paris!!!

DollsClub Support Team 1 Nov 2021

Salut Juien,

thank you for your review, glad you like the doll!

Best regards - Your DollsClub Support Team

21 Oct 2021

Great doll & super service with check guarantee!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my beautiful Clarry! Thank you for the fast manufacturing and the pictures after the manufacturing! This makes a very good impression and increases the anticipation! Many thanks to DollsClub, absolute recommendation from me!

DollsClub Support Team 21 Oct 2021


thank you very much for your positive review and the feedback that you like our new model Clarry so much, we are very happy to hear that! Glad that our check service has given you the appropriate confirmation of your Clarry, here again to see a really gorgeous & new model from us!


All the best and best regards - Your DollsClub Support Team