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Male sex dolls in premium quality

Male sex dolls can be used as a partner substitute for a woman, as a sex toy for gays or to act out a couple´s fantasies.


Male sex dolls - A dream about to come true

Whether for home use or a bachelorette party – the demand for male sex dolls is rising. But what makes our dolls so special?

Why do i need a male sex doll?

Male sex dolls offer much more pleasure and physical closeness than would be the case with sex toys. They enable your sexual imaginations to come true - regardless of an existing partnership. You can try out new things and dedicate yourself completely to your imagination. Experience the so desirable erotic high-altitude flights!

We offer you superior-quality male sex dolls - with a realistic and unmistakable masculine charm. Better than the original? Maybe. Give it a try!

Advantages of our male sex doll

What are the advantages of our male sex dolls compared to other suppliers? It's simple: We simply offer the best quality! If you decide on a male sex doll supplied by us, you will experience a feeling as you would have it with a real partner. Whether you feel attracted to the doll's full lips or his striking face, the splendid penis and the narrow anus, or the light, soft material made for special mobility. The whole package is simply right and leaves nothing to be desired. No comparison to the usual elastic dolls! Give your doll a striking appearance - whether for now or for night and day - we offer you an extensive collection of doll clothing. Browse through our selection and give the sexy body of your doll the look you desire. As it is often said: The desire already starts with the undressing part!


Another big advantage of our male sex dolls is: You can decide for yourself how you want to customize your new partner! You select the color of his eyes, his skin color, and the color of his hair. Form your quite individual new partner according to your wishes!

Choose the eye color from a wide selection: From a magic green, a likable blue, or a sensuous black! Select a bright, natural, or brown skin tone. And the size? You yourself decide on the size, and there is also the option of whether to equip your male sex doll with a standing foot or not.

High quality

A perfect body needs the perfect material. Our male sex dolls are made from so-called thermoplastic elastomers - briefly TPE. This makes them not only very flexible but also very natural and gives the skin a nice touch. The material is very light. This enables you to carry your male sex doll around and to try out new positions.


Indreased demand for male sex dolls

Through the years, sex doll manufacturers have seen an increase in the demand for male sex dolls after these companies began catering to consumers in varying sexuality. These include females, lesbians, gay men, and even males who are all keen on experimenting with male sex dolls. As a result, male love dolls seem to be catching up fast with their female counterparts. In fact, the popularity of male sex dolls has increased by around 5 to 15 percent, thanks to its incorporation in the LGBT group and the social de-stigmatization of the sex toy.

Male sex dolls are like real men who can satisfy a woman’s wants and desires.

These love dolls are lifelike and have very realistic design and features. All models are made with ultra realistic penises that are hard inside and soft outside. Just like real men, male sex dolls can satisfy all the demands of a woman particularly getting satisfaction in a sexual activity. According to some women who have already tried a romantic and sexual encounter with male sex dolls, the experience was absolutely fantastic. It has brought the concept of having sex with a love doll to a whole new level.

Apart from being a good sex partner, male sex dolls also make good companion. They have the loyalty and trustworthiness that are sought by most women. No matter what happens, male sex dolls will never leave you.

Male sex dolls appeal to a wide variety of sex doll and toy enthusiasts

Being made of the highest quality TPE material along with the support of metal skeletons, it’s no wonder why male sex dolls have gained the approval and attention of a growing number of enthusiasts. These enthusiasts come from a wide variety of groups that include bi-sexual males, gays, adventurous couples who want to experience threesome sex and women who are searching for a sex doll partner. Just like humans, male sex dolls give a human-like feel and may even provide a higher level of happiness and satisfaction to their partner.


Male sex dolls are specially designed to achieve anatomical perfection

Customizing your male sex doll is definitely possible and in fact, encouraged. These love dolls are built with two-way penetration function features. This means they are made to please and satisfy whatever their partner seeks and demands in the bedroom. Since they are TPE-made models, they are also more flexible. You can enjoy many customizing options for your male sex doll so you can have the best and perfect love doll for you to own and cherish.

If you’re seeking for human-like warmth to exude from your male sex doll, you can customize your love doll with an internal heating system. However, this option is not available in an inflatable male sex doll.

Another interesting feature to add to your male sex doll is the voice sensor. In reality, most male love dolls can be equipped with voice sensors in up to 4 places. Now you can fulfill your wildest sexual fantasy every time you have an intimate encounter with your male sex doll.

Conclusion: If you desire a lifelike, affectionate, and sexy partner in bed, male Sex-Dolls by DOLLSCLUB  are made to be the right thing for you!