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About us


Sex dolls with high quality

The production of realistic sex dolls has been possible for several decades. Modern materials and well thought-out design provide for exciting hours with a pretty sex doll. The quality has improved over the years. The number of global manufacturers has increased. That's why you have an unprecedented selection when buying a sex doll these days. In the DOLLSCLUB Sexshop you will find mainly versions of the Real Doll, which are made of silicone or TPE, very strongly stretched without tearing and is both to a certain extent heat resistant and waterproof. The skin of a Real Doll is quite easy to care for. In addition, a Real Doll is robustly manufactured and long-lasting. She is a sex doll that is anatomically correctly modeled to allow deceptively real and stress-free hot sex. No matter at which hour your personal sex doll is there for you in every situation in life to give you horny satisfaction.


Large selection of sextoys and sextoys at DOLLSCLUB

A sex doll combines various advantages and is not only interesting for singles. A sex doll is also a good option for men who are looking for a change or need to bridge a period of absence from their girlfriend. A Real Doll is also available as a male sex doll, whereby the design options offered by the manufacturer are basically endless. DOLLSCLUB has selected some attractive models for you and can advise you competently on special requests. With each sex doll you can enjoy uncomplicated sex at home whenever you are in the mood and have time. You choose the atmosphere and setting completely individually - The Real Doll, as well as any other high quality sexdoll, takes almost all positions with you. In contrast to a sex doll made of fabric or an inflatable love doll, a silicone sex doll and a sex doll made of TPE have a higher weight. This makes them feel more realistic when holding and in many positions.