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DollsClub FAQ

How does an order work at DollsClub?
We have designed a very simple and easy purchasing process for you to order your Sexdoll. You select the suitable sex doll or masturbator from our inventory. According to your wishes you can customize, upgrade or order extras for your doll such as skin color, hair color, color of eyes and much much more. Afterwards, you simply select the preferred method of payment, while being ensured that your order will be treated in a discrete manner and shipped to you as fast as possible.

How can I pay?
You can via pre-payment, sofortkasse (direct debit) and paypal

How does the delivery work?
All our products come in discreet packaging which leaves no clue about the contents of the package. Also the sending address does not leave any indicator of DollsClub or its contents. Not even the delivery messenger knows what he delivers, otherwise he would want to keep the package for himself ;)

What are silicone dolls?
The website offers a variety of sexdolls, made by different production methods. The category Premium Silicone sex doll offers a production from silicone featuring a stable metal skeleton. With this high quality production, the sex doll offers beside human details also an authentic skin structure. The silicone sexdoll offers an impressive detailed and realistic feeling, while it can be satisfied by more than three accesses. Whether anally, orally or vaginally, no limits are set. An exchangeable head and different upgrades create an individual, but also changeable sexdoll.

What are TPE sex dolls?
The dolls made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) offers an alternative to Sexdolls made from silicone. The manufacturing fascinates by the quality of the material which is completely safe and hyper-allergic, but also medically safe. The surface structure offers a human-like feeling, at a clearly lower price than dolls made from silicone. However, the product offers other advantages:
- Absorbs warmth 
- Flexibility 
- Human-like skin feeling 
If you are looking for a Sexdoll which offers all advantages of a classic Real-Doll, the material TPE offers lots of advantages. By the lifelike feeling all demands are fulfilled while offering you three accesses (anal, oral, vaginal). The changeability remains by upgrades and exchangeable heads. 

Which sex dolls do you offer?
DollsClub offers the following dolls: 

- Premium Love-Dolls
- Premium Silicone Sex-Dolls
- Smaller Sized Sex-Dolls
- Mini Sized Sex-Dolls

What is TPE and how does it feel like?
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a plastic with a skin feeling very close to the human skin. During the course of time, this has developed to one of the most popular materials for sexdolls. If you are unsure, you can order a sample at DollsClub. Besides, the material TPE is a miraculous heat accumulator. Your Sex-Doll will absorb the heat from its surroundings, thus offering an even more authentic feeling

Does my doll have bones? How flexible is she?
Your sex doll features a stable metal skeleton while keeping the weight down. The single bones relate to each other in a human resembling joint construction. Your sex doll can assume a variety of positions, so you won’t get bored. The doll can lie, sit and if equipped with a standing foot, also stand.

How tall and big are your dolls?
You can select the height of your doll at our shop. The weight varies according to size. The weight of each sexdoll will be shown in the overview.

How can I dress my doll?
Basically, this decision completely lies with you. However, we have a few tips on the subject. Sex-doll outfits which can be easily taken on and off are suitable. It is important to pay attention that no sharp parts or zippers are attached that could injure the doll. Also, you should pay attention to whether the clothes lose their color, you can test this either by ordering a sample piece or using the clothing on a hidden area of your doll first. To assist you with your choice, DollsClub offers a range of well tested clothing for your convenience.

Which accessories are included with your sexdoll?
At DollsClub you receive with every bought sexdoll, a surprise outfit, as well as an artificial hair wig. Of course, you can buy from us in the Sex-doll shop many other great articles at reasonable prices for your sex doll.

Who are our customers here at DollsClub?
For many years, the use of erotic aids has risen. For years, it had been considered unacceptable to use toys, meanwhile the use has been publicly recognized in all variations. The sexdoll also belongs to it. For pairs, as well as for singles the use of a sexdoll belongs to normal play. The sex doll can substitute for different toys and often creates a feeling much better than any other toys.

The sex doll for couples
Many relations which have existed for a longer time suffer from the loss of the creativity and excitement when it comes to sex. While the sexual horizon is expanded at the beginning of each relationship constantly, this desire falls asleep sometime. Still, every partner has furthermore imaginations and cravings which he would like to have realized. Often, sex with other partners belongs to it. For this occasion, a sex doll can be helpful. The Sexdoll has a deceiving real surface which feels like a skin and is movable. The sexdoll can be included easily as the third partner into your sex life without creating the often-dreaded jealousy. With the sexdoll the sex can be realized and afterwards she can be stowed away without creating bad feelings. It shows, that Sexdolls for couples are an ideal way to extend the sexual horizon. The partner can also be watched while enjoying sex with the sex doll. With the love doll almost no imaginations remain unfulfilled.

The sex doll for singles
Whether you have no time or desire for a partner, have lost a partner or prefer change, the sexdoll can help you with your cravings. Often there are moments in which you would like to spend your evening with someone, having a person lying beside you whom you can keep in your arms. With the sexdoll you have found the perfect solution, because she feels like a real woman. Due to her soft skin, the sexdoll can be stroked and cuddled just like a real person. Above all for people who have lost a dear partner, are freshly separated or would not yet like to get involved with a new partner. The sex doll offers all advantages of a female body without forcing you to open to a new person. Sometimes needs exist which cannot be handled by your head, a sexdoll can help. The sexdoll can also be used for sex, without having to commit to a date.

The sexual revolution has entered the bedrooms and brought the sexdoll with it. Next to the traditional toys like dildos, vibrators or similar stimulators, the sexdoll is also becoming more and more part of sexual culture. The sexdoll can substitute for many toys due its human like appearance. Whether the sexdoll is used by two, three or alone, makes no difference. Many wishes which you would have never dreamt to ask your partner about, do not create any trouble with your sex doll. Ultimately, the sex doll is the perfect toy for singles as well as couples.