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Our small sex dolls in premium quality

Small but nice. Discover your little lifelike sex doll for unforgettable moments for two.


Our sex dolls of the smaller category

It does not always depend on the size - If you are looking for a compact, mobile, and easy-to-use sex doll, a smaller version is exactly the right choice. Just as with the bigger-sized dolls, quality remains the primary focus for DOLLSCLUB. The smaller-sized sex dolls offer a life-like feeling, while you can customize them according to your wishes just as much as our bigger-sized models. Strictly according to the motto small sex doll, big pleasure DOLLSCLUB offers you with its compact sex dolls a smaller and cheaper alternative to the bigger models. There are two different categories: small sex dolls (92-125 cm) and mini sex dolls (65 – 80 cm). You can decide which size is right for you. Though the compact sex dolls are smaller, just as much pleasure is guaranteed as with the bigger version.

You are not sure which smaller-sized sex doll fits your needs best? No problem, the customer service of DOLLSCLUB is available to answer all your questions. And, as usual, we always pay attention to discretion, with inquiries just as much as with deliveries!

Small sex doll - Big pleasure

If you like it compact, but do not want to give up on pleasure, you can purchase a smaller-sized sex doll here at DOLLSCLUB. The affectionate manufacturing process with an eye to detail is preserved and the quality remains just as top-notch as with the bigger version. With 92-125 cm body height, the small sex doll is clearly more compact than the regular-sized doll, while offering the same advantages. Exchangeable head, changeable hair, and different upgrades let you create a customizable doll for a small price. Compact, mobile, and easy to use. Whether vaginally, orally, or anally - all sexual variations are possible with the smaller-sized sex doll. Additionally, the compact size offers the advantage that different positions and variations are easier carried out. Also, the care of the small sex doll is made considerably easier, as the doll does not have to be bathed in a bathtub but can be cleaned inside a washbasin.

Mini sex doll or handy usage

Even smaller, but nonetheless fun, is the mini sex doll from DOLLSCLUB. The smaller version of the small doll measures a body height of 65-75 cm. Despite the smaller size, the mini-doll offers just as much quality and the same advantages as a big doll. The smaller size offers many advantages: Because of the smaller size, you can take advantage of many different positions and satisfy the doll vaginally. As if this was not yet enough, the smaller doll can also be transported easily or put away inside the closet. You can carry her around much easier when on the move. Also, the care of the mini-doll is made as easy as possible, as you can clean her inside a washbasin.