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Sex Dolls at DollsClub: Find the for you perfect model

DollsCllub offers you a wide selection in lifelike Sex Dolls in all price ranges. From inexpensive Sex Dolls up to the most luxurious models which will also be able to speak in the future, we offer you a big selection of Sex Dolls which are carefully vetted and tested by us. We offer you one of the biggest selection of Sex Dolls in Europe featuring  brands such as the world-renowned WM-Doll, JY-Doll or from newcomers such as Yuhe. That's exactly why we keep to our business philosophy: Can't do it, there is no such thing! You can find on our website a wide selection of models such as size zero up to the curvy model or the sportier type with a firm bottom. Whether you are attracted to big breasts or big bottoms, with us you can realize your dreams. You will be astonished to find out how customizable Sex Dolls really are. And the best is, they up to everything fun …

Buy a Sex Doll and have it delivered free of charge!

Take your time and browse through our selection and convince yourself of the unique characteristics of a WM Sex Doll or the multifaceted JY-Dolls. Individually manufactured and hand-made, we deliver your TPE Sex Doll or silicone doll discretely anywhere within Germany and Europe free of charge. We offer you quality customer service which will be available to you to answer all your questions around the clock. Our support team is always available and can be contacted via live chat, mail or telephone. We are always here to help and look forward to assisting you! 

Feel free to browse through our website in order to find out about important and interesting subjects such as the cleaning of your Sex Doll or how repairs can be made. Our FAQ's answer many important questions and our care tips or material science will be of great help to you.

In addition, we offer you a big selection of important accessories for your Sex Doll. From various cleaning solutions, cleaning agents or lubricants, you can find everything you need. Also we can help your Sex Doll to become even more attractive with a big and diverse selection in outfits. These are especially made for dolls as they will easily come off and their color won't rub off or fade. Therefore we can save you as a customer long and unnecessary trips to shops, because often it is rather difficult to find a suitable outfit – something like that irritates and causes an unnecessary bad mood.

Do not miss out on our top brands for Premium Sex Dolls

"We have got them all!" No matter whether WM-Doll, JY-Doll, JX-Doll or Climax, we try to offer you - with our steadily increasing inventory - the widest selection of lifelike Sex-Dolls. We put a lot of value into top manufactures and always try to widen our cooperation. This allows us to offer our customers the most different advantages, so that long production times and waiting periods on your silicone or TPE Sex Doll can be virtually avoided. We are able to accommodate individual wishes which may be a taboo issue with other suppliers or are hardly realizable. With us you can be sure that we always carry the current models in TPE or silicone Sex Dolls in our inventory, with new daily examined models which are thoroughly evaluated and finally put up for sale. The models which make it into our legendary final selection of Sex Dolls convince by their flawless quality, their lifelike appearance, their functionality and their appearance. Leading the field is our established partner WM-Dolls whose Sex-Dolls are made from TPE of a quite special quality with all its persuasive details. What's special is not only the big inventory of different Sex Doll models with the most different proportions and dimensions, but also the talent of the artists who create lifelike Sex Dolls as unique specimen. Not only our product testers bet on the quality of WM-Dolls, our customers also recommend the purchase of these lifelike Sex-Dolls – just as much as we do!

This is what makes a lifelike Sex Doll today

A lifelike sex doll fascinates by its excellent quality, skin tolerant material and a long durability. At DollsClub we only carry Sex Dolls made from TPE and silicone, from manufacturers which we have tested and confirmed to fulfill our strict quality criteria. This enables you as a customer to always remain on the safe side while enjoying the joyful hours with your doll. No matter whether you decide on a Sex Doll made from silicone or from TPE. Next to the right skin feeling, the metal skeleton is another important criteria which we thoroughly test. This is to ensure that your doll can assume all positions and independently remain in them in a safe and secure way. This is why the inner life of our Sex Dolls is constantly reorganized to create motion sequences which are even more realistic.

The pleasure channel of your Sex Doll

It is not surprising that we have put a lot of emphasis into the love openings. Even our product testers gladly test the love openings of these not so shy girls. Attention lies with the optics and the feeling caused by penetrating into the pleasure channel. Some product testers even share the opinion that they have been spoilt testing our products, because the orgasm is intensified due to the light vacuum, a feeling which cannot be repeated with a real woman. For even more fun we recommend to order a sexy outfit and to use some lubricant.