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Sex dolls heads

Our most popular sex dolls heads in the shop



You're alone, but you don't want to give up sex? Masturbation isn't yours? Have you ever thought of a WM Doll Sexdoll or a sex doll from JY Doll, which comes very close to a real woman? A modern sex doll can no longer be compared to an inflatable sex doll that existed years ago. A modern sex doll is a lifelike sex doll that has been produced for several decades. The materials with which a sex doll is produced originally come from the film workshop in Hollywood and offer you a really fine silicone or TPE and lifelike shaped skin. Real pleasure of love.

The sex doll is also fully mobile and can be moved into almost any position. The special thing about it is that you can change the head of your sex doll at any time, so you get You always feel like you're sleeping with another woman. Change the head of your sex doll quickly and easily.


By changing the head the sex doll gets even more life authenticity and again and again a new personality. One time with big eyes and black hair, another time a blonde innocent girl's face. You can easily and quickly change the heads of your sex doll according to your wishes and desires. With little financial effort you can feel like a sheik in his harem and have a different girl in your bed every day or every night. Fascinating and always ready for sex, the sex doll with interchangeable heads. Always a new lover in bed. You can order the sex doll from the figure exactly as you imagine your dream woman.

With large breasts or small breasts, with hot curves or slender and slender and above all with different heads. So you have sex doll Nicole in your bed on Monday, sex doll Lara on Tuesday and Real Doll Nina on Wednesday. The sex doll is at your service. Blond hair, brunette curls, black or red mane, the heads of the sex doll are as different as the tastes of the lovers. The sex doll can be put together absolutely individually, from the head over the fingernails to the pubic hair.