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Where are sex dolls most popular

Where Are Sex Dolls Most Popular?

It’s well known that sex dolls are rising in popularity all over the world as they become increasingly accepted as a mainstream product. But where are the hotspots where sex dolls are most popular?

While there’s been plenty of research into which countries show the highest demand for sex toys generally, there is very little data currently available on where sex dolls are most popular.

We’ve analysed visitor data to our English-language website over the past 18 months to provide some insights into which countries and cities show the highest demand for sex dolls and find out where dolls are rising in popularity.

2018 Top 10 countries:

  1. U.S.
  2. UK
  3.  Finland
  4.  Sweden
  5.  Denmark
  6.  Germany
  7.  Netherlands
  8.  Russia
  9.  France
  10.  Belgium


2018 Top 10 cities:

  1. Helsinki 
  2. London 
  3. Stockholm
  4. Copenhagen
  5. Berlin
  6.  Moscow
  7.  Tampere
  8.  Gothenburg
  9.  Amsterdam
  10.  Turku
It is surprising that Finland ranked so highly in 2018, especially given its tiny population of just 5 million, much less than the other countries in the top 10. Finland also had the most representation in the top 10 cities, with three (Helsinki, Tampere and Turku) featuring.
Scandinavian locations featured prominently in general, with two Swedish cities (Stockholm and Gothenburg) making the top 10, as well as the Danish capital Copenhagen.
More generally, it’s interesting to note that demand is overwhelmingly in favour of capital cities; each of the top six cities by demand in 2018 are their respective country’s capital. This may be simply due to capital cities often having the largest population centres, but is still a notable trend. 

2019 so far - first quarter: 

  1. U.S. (-) 
  2. Russia (+6)
  3. Finland (-)
  4. Sweden (-)
  5. Denmark (-)
  6. Germany (-)
  7. Norway (NEW)
  8. UK (-6)
  9. Netherlands (-2)
  10. France (-1)
  1. Helsinki (-)
  2. Stockholm (+1)
  3. Berlin (+2)
  4. Copenhagen (-)
  5. Moscow (+1)
  6. Chicago (NEW)
  7. Saint Petersburg (NEW)
  8. Oslo (NEW)
  9. Turku (+1)
  10. Malmo (NEW)
Scandinavia has continued its strong representation in the first quarter of 2019, with Norway entering the top 10 countries and Oslo and Malmo joining the top 10 cities.
There has also been a significant increase in interest from Russia - it is now the second-most common location of visitors, and St Petersburg has joined Moscow in the ten most frequent cities.
The U.S. remains top of the pile, and demand for sex dolls there seems to be increasing further, with Chicago entering the top 10 cities.
It will be very interesting to see which countries and cities see a rise in demand for sex dolls over the rest of 2019, but one thing’s for sure - this is a very exciting time for the industry.