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Top reasons for choosing a sex doll with standing foot option

Using the latest technology, dolls are becoming more personal and realistic than ever, allowing them to blend in easily in a contemporary society. These TPE sex dolls are thoughtfully designed with the standing foot feature which enhances the doll’s unique and more realistic appeal. Whether you are considering standing your doll briefly or with shoes on the doll’s feet for added protection, the standing foot option is the best and highly recommended feature you can have now in your sex doll.

Here are the top reasons why you should go for the standing foot option when choosing a sex doll.

1. The standing foot option offers the flexibility of allowing your doll to stand with normal screw, stand with or without bolts, or even assume a non-standing position.

Usually, each standing foot has three screws at the bottom which are placed on the flat part of the feet. This allows enhanced balancing particularly when the doll is unsupported. At the doll’s standing state, the weight is applied and transferred through the screwed bolts. As a result, the damage on the foot is reduced since no weight is transferred through the bottom of the doll’s feet which is made of soft flesh.

2. The bolts can be removed any time after they are installed.

They can be re-inserted as well when you need to stand the doll. You can leave them in place permanently and you can adjust their height either by tightening the bolts or loosening them.

3. The standing foot has a redesigned ankle and a reinforced bottom part.

While it resembles a regular foot, the standing foot has certain modifications that are designed to enhance the doll’s balancing ability. It is rigid enough that allows you to bend it downward between 90 and 150 degrees. However, the standing foot, compared to the regular foot, lacks the flexibility to move upward as well as side to side.

4. The standing foot can wear flat or high heel shoes.

When the doll is standing, it is more recommended to put on flat shoes instead of high heel shoes. Flat shoes will give the doll more balance and will allow the foot and the doll to rest on the bolts as opposed to the soft TPE of the toes. It is also recommended that the doll has an arm support or anything that reduces the chance of falling over. You can allow the doll to stand unsupported so long as it is well balanced.