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Top 3 reasons why a love doll can give you the best sex experience

Love dolls are so realistic in the way they look and feel that it’s no wonder why many men want to have one for sex. Indeed, having sex with a love doll can be a wonderful experience and may even enhance one’s sexual abilities. Other benefits include treating people’s loneliness, depression and solving one’s physiological needs.

Here are some of the reasons why you can have the best sex experience with a love doll.

1. You can discover and explore various sex positions.

One of the best ways to know which sex positions are the most suitable is by trying each one out. Every person has different bodies, fantasies, and sexual capabilities. With hundreds of sex positions to explore, you can definitely find the ones that you enjoy the most with a love doll as your sex partner. Love dolls are great partners in bed as they are always willing, available, and non-judgmental. Always remember that whenever you perform a sexual activity with a love doll, you need to consider how it would go with a real human being. One example is the way you stretch the dolls legs which may not be applicable to a human.

2. You can get used to wearing a condom and practice safe sex.

Condoms are usually perceived as uncomfortable, emitting unpleasant smell, not very easy to find in daily shopping, and don’t really guarantee success in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Most men are also not fond of wearing condoms. It’s also no secret that a number of big companies manufacture condoms with unhealthy materials. New improvements in technology allowed for condoms to come in new designs, shapes, and added pleasure for the user. You can try as many kinds of condoms as you want when you have sex with your love doll until you find one that’s the most suitable and pleasurable. With your love doll, you can be assured that wearing a condom can also give you a great experience in a sexual activity.

3. You can enjoy longer stamina in sex.

The average length of a sexual act between a real man and a woman is said to last for around 5 minutes.  Research also shows that 75 percent of males in the U.S. experience ejaculation within the initial two minutes of sex. With sex dolls, you can now practice and enjoy the act longer. You will learn how to get a stronger core and treat sex like a cardio-exercise activity. You will also be able to control your breathing and be more creative with various sexual positions which are necessary to avoid sore muscles and cramps. Performing a longer sexual act may also require staying wet or lubricated which is one of the problems with a lot of women. With a sex doll, you can learn the benefits of using lubricants and sex gels. You will understand that using a lubricant is definitely not unhealthy, wrong and shameful.