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The top 3 sex doll types you need to know

Sex dolls come in various sizes, colors, and forms. Naturally, the best sex dolls are pricey models which is perfect for anyone who is looking for a one-time investment and wants a doll that’s highly realistic. Indeed, owning a sex doll can give you so much pride as the demand for these dolls continues to rise in the market. With a doll in your house, all your sex fantasies, dreams, and wishes are now within easy reach.

If you’re still unsure of the type of doll to get, here’s a list of the top 3 models that are available in most sex doll shops. Apart from the model, remember to choose the one that’s also suitable to your budget.


1. Latina Sex Dolls

Without a doubt, Latina sex dolls are the most beautiful dolls you can own with the models being beautiful and glamorous which are typical of girls from Latin America. Enjoy a Latin romance without going to Latin America as you can now flirt, kiss, sleep and have sex with a gorgeous and sexy Latina love doll. These dolls are desired for their genetic variability as seen from some models having white skin and mesmerizing eyes of Spanish women or even body curves that are usually seen among African sweethearts.

2. Asian Sex Dolls

If you’re a fan of Asian porn and have always fantasized about having sex with an Asian girl, choose Asian sex dolls that are known for their highly attractive looks and sexy image. Some of the top models include Chinese sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, Indian sex dolls, as well as South Korean sex dolls. Be ready to be captivated with the dolls‘ seductive looks, eye-popping boobs and nicely-shaped butts. With a broad range of these dolls available in the market, you can surely find a model that you can have and keep as an Asian sex companion.

3. Celebrity Sex Doll

Do you have a favorite celebrity? Do you like the celebrity too much that you always imagine what it’s like to live and make love with her? Go on and fulfill your fantasy by choosing celebrity sex dolls. Dress up your celebrity sex doll in revealing clothes and have a photoshoot together. Imagine you are partners in a movie scene where you can re-enact those sensual moments such as being naked together in a bathtub, having sex on the dining table, and everything else that you have always dreamed of doing with your favorite celebrity.