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Produkte von Sanhui

Sanhui Sex Dolls

Sanhui Model making Co LTD was founded in China in 2010. Dolls Club stock a number of Sanhui Sex dolls that ranges from three types of Love dolls according to their size, which are mini, medium and lifelike sized sex dolls.

silicone love doll


All of Sunhui lifelike silicone dolls are made from the highest quality silicone that is produced in Japan. Sanhui sex dolls have a fully poseable, durable stainles steel skeleton that is padded with a soft enviromental friendly foam. This skeleton allows the doll to be moved in a large range of motion similar to the human body.


The silicone skin of Sunhui sex dolls gives them a pleasant tactile feeling that is close to human skin which is also dirt and dust repellent and is very easy to clean. The Silicone skin of Sanhui sex dolls allows for alot of detail in the design of your sex doll.


Purchase your Sanhui sex doll from Dolls club online today with fast, descrite and free shipping on orders over 50 € / £.