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Sex Dolls by DS Doll - Silicone artwork

With DS Doll sex dolls, the company not only wants to create a product, but also sees itself as a creator of beauty and aesthetics. The Chinese company develops, creates and produces Real Dolls, which are supposed to be works of art rather than sex toys.

DS Doll - sex dolls in perfection

DS Doll, based in Dalian in the Liaoning province of China, is a subsidiary of EX Doll and manufactures premium silicone sex dolls. Attention to detail, constant new creations and improvements, high quality and pure craftsmanship in the manufacture of the love dolls are part of the company's philosophy. The special plus of the Real Dolls: They are especially lightweight and are made according to your personal wishes. You can choose between different body types, skin and hair colours and many different head and eye shapes.

Lifelike silicone DS Doll sex dolls

A robust and articulated metal skeleton forms the basis of the DS Doll sex dolls, the skin consists of platinum-hardened silicone. The optimally malleable material allows a detailed and realistic execution of all body features, this also applies to vagina and anus. Easy to clean and resistant to heat, water and stains, the DS Doll sex doll becomes a playmate who will accompany you for many years and make many of your dreams come true.

Real Dolls in loving handwork

More than 80 individual steps are necessary to turn the first idea into a lifelike sex doll. Sculptors, engineers and make-up artists do the preparatory work and constantly deliver new ideas and improvements to make the DS Doll sex dolls even more realistic and smooth. At the beginning the master form is modelled lovingly and perfectly, the cast silicone form becomes in many handicraft single sections piece by piece the dream woman, who later becomes your playmate.

Questions about the DS Doll sex doll? We look forward to hearing from you by phone, email or chat and will be happy to advise you on your perfect Real Doll.