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Ronja Premium TPE sex doll

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1 Which skin-color should your sex doll have?

2 Which wig should your sex doll have?

3 Do you want implemented hair for your sexdoll?

4 Which eye-color should your sex doll have?

5 Which fingernails should your sex doll have?

6 Which toenails should your sex doll have?

7 Do you want a fixed or an interchangeable vagina?

8 Do you want implemented pubic hair ?

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€900.00 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Free of shipping costs!

Delivery time 14-28 Workdays***

How tall should your sex doll be?:

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Ronja´s version on the pictures seen:


Body measurements:

  • Height: 166 cm / 5ft4
  • Bust: 92 cm /  36"
  • Waist: 59 cm / 23"
  • Hips: 85 cm / 34"
  • Weight: 32 kg / 70lbs


Clothing sizes:

  • Bra size: E
  • Shoe size: 36 EU / 9.5 US
  • Confection size: 32 / XS



  • Wig: #3, blonde
  • Skin color: Tan
  • Eye color: blue
  • Fingernails: french natural
  • Toe nails: natural


Love holes:

  • Mouth depth: 6in. / 15 cm
  • Vagina: permanently installed
  • Vagina depth: 8in. / 19,5 cm
  • Vagina diameter: .8in. / 2,5 cm
  • Anal depth: 8in. / 19,5 cm
  • Anal diameter: .8in. / 2,5 cm


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Further information about the dimensions can be found here.
Height 135cm / 4ft5
Bust: 62cm / 24"
Waist: 48cm / 19"
Hips: 70cm / 28"
Weight: 25 kg / 55lbs
Height 140cm / 4ft6
Bust: 78 cm / 31"
Waist: 51 cm / 20"
Hips: 77 cm / 30"
Weight: 27 kg / 59lbs
Height 148cm / 4ft7
Bust: 75cm / 30"
Waist: 51cm / 20"
Hips: 78cm / 31"
Weight: 28 kg / 61lbs
Height: 158cm / 5ft2 
Bust: 90cm / 36"
Waist: 49cm / 19"
Hips: 84cm / 33"
Weight: 36 kg / 79lbs
Height 160cm / 5ft3
Bust: 79cm / 31"
Waist: 61cm / 24"
Hips: 82cm / 33"
Weight: 35 kg / 77lbs
Height 165cm / 5ft4
Bust: 90cm / 36"
Waist: 55cm / 22"
Hips: 82cm / 32"
Weight: 34 kg / 74lbs
Height 170cm / 5ft6
Bust: 100cm / 40"
Waist: 56cm / 22"
Hips: 98cm / 39"
Weight: 43 kg / 94lbs
Produkt: Ronja Premium TPE sex doll
Hersteller: JY-Dolls
Sexdollfinder bra size: big breasts
Sexdollfinder figure: thin/normal
Sexdollfinder hair: blonde
Sexdollfinder bottom: big butt, small butt
Sexdollfinder type: european, latin
Pubic hair: pubic hair #1, pubic hair #2, pubic hair #3
Eye color: blue, brown, turquoise, yellow
Vagina: firmly installed, interchangeable
type: european
Fingernails: french nature, french pink, nature, pink, red
Toenails: black #13, dark pink #9, dark red #1, fuchsia #6, gold #5, green #11, grey #2, pink #8, red #7, rose #10, silver #4, white #3, yellow #12
Hair: Wig#1, Wig#2, Wig#3, Wig#4, Wig#5, Wig#6, Wig#7, Wig#8, Wig#9, Wig#10, Wig#11, Wig#12
Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers)
Gender: female
Height in cm: 135, 140, 148, 158, 160, 166, 168
Chest circumference in cm: 62, 75, 78, 79, 86, 92
Waist in cm: 48, 51, 56, 59, 60, 61
Hip in cm: 70, 77, 78, 82, 84, 85, 86
Weight in kg: 24, 25, 32
Skin color: bright, nature, tanned
Love holes: anal, mouth, vagina
Mouth depth in cm: 15
Vagina depth in cm: 19.5
Vagina diameter in cm: 2.5
Anal depth in cm: 19.5
Anal diameter in cm: 2
What should you know about our JY-Dolls sex doll Ronja? Ronja is the result of the highest... more
Ronja Premium TPE sex doll

What should you know about our JY-Dolls sex doll Ronja?

Ronja is the result of the highest perfection and passion. In many intensive working steps a companion was created out of this sex doll, an absolute love doll of the superlatives. Her flawless appearance is owed to the many years' experience of our artists who turn out to be real master of their craft. The used TPE material which is even used in today's medicine lends the doll an unmistakably human-like skin feeling. The internally built in metal skeleton of the sex doll fascinates by its high technology and persuading dynamic which also allows her to assume every position of your imagination. She likes to be satisfied vaginally, anally and orally.

Even one of Germany's best known TV stations made a documentary on one of our annual visits to China's biggest sex doll manufacturer fair. Our quality management on site, as well as all processes are checked by DollsClub regularly and are optimized in favor of our customers. With our repair service your sex doll is in long-term good hands, our trained customer service can be reached at any time and is more than happy to assist you. Order yours sex doll today to a guaranteed customer-friendly price and enjoy a final control by our quality management division in Germany as well as our free delivery service within Europe. Please, have a look at our dimension’s table, because the selectable dimensions can easily deviate from the representations illustrated here. We also recommend a look at our upgrades where you can create an even more unique and diverse experience. The sex doll will be delivered with an exchangeable wig made from artificial hair. Shoes and other decoration articles are only shown for demonstration purposes and suggestions, however your sex doll will be delivered in a surprise outfit. Separate accessories can be purchased at any time.

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