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1.  The outside layer of our Sexdolls at DollsClub consists of high processed thermo-plastic elastomer, coupled with epoxy resin (Premium TPE Dolls) and silicone (premium silicone Dolls) while featuring a firm but movable internal metal skeleton. All materials which are used in the production comply with all health and security standards for humans and the environment.

In the production of our Sexdolls, TPE can experience air inclusions or rest material. If requested, we will make a repair kit available free of charge.
2.  The internally built in skeleton and the joints enable your Sexdoll to assume all kinds of positions. Follow the picture guidelines. To enjoy your Sexdoll as long as possible, please pay attention and do not overstretch your doll. Even if the TPE and silicone material are very elastic and resistant, excessive stretch for a longer period could lead to distortions of your DollsClub model. After use, we recommend putting the doll back in its original position with its hands facing down.
3.   Avoid using sharp tools or putting too much force on your doll.
4. Please pay attention that the clothing won’t leave any stains on your doll, DollsClub cannot assume liability for such damages.
5.  Please do not expose your doll for long periods to sunlight which could lead to the oils of the material being sweated out.
6. Small dents or pressure points can be evened out by applying a warm sponge and massaging the affected area
7.  Dust, dirt or other impurities can be removed with a careful cleaning agent. With a sponge and soap (no concentrates) it can also be cleaned. DollsClub recommends furthermore to clean the Sexdoll after use by the means of a bubble bath or the shower. Clean your Sexdoll with care and pay attention to the fact that no sharp objects are in close vicinity. For the cleaning as well as for the transport, gloves are to be recommended as fingernails can harm your doll. After cleaning, DollsClub recommends the use of baby powder. Powder your doll after rinsing or bathing it. The powder lends an incredibly gentle and soft skin feeling to the skin and works impregnating. DollsClub recommends these cleaning steps to be implemented regularly.
8.  Should your silicone doll / sexdoll have been damaged by tears, cuts and holes on the surface, we advise to use the TPE/silicone glue on the affected area to seal it. Clean the damaged area of the silicone doll / Sexdoll before use of the glue with customary make-up remover. Pay attention to the fact that the surface of the area to be repaired is not under tension. Allow at least 30 minutes for the glue to harden.