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How does the cleaning of your Sexdoll look like ?

DollsClub recommends for the cleaning of your Sexdoll after usage or contamination, the use of a bathtub. The tub is suited perfectly to remove all impurities of the SexDoll. This is done by putting the silicone doll carefully into the tub and cleaning it with warm water. Best of all, use a soft sponge or cloth without sharp or rough surface structure, to prevent damages to your doll. Pay attention to a thorough cleaning of your doll. Light and careful dabbing is ideal, while “scrubbing" should be absolutely avoided. Mild soap lye can be used (please no wash liquid use!!!) which is rinsed afterwards with clear water. Please, do not use disinfectants with an alcohol base - these function, but can possibly attack the material of the silicone doll.
After the cleaning, you should allow your doll to dry by itself and put it afterwards on a table, which you can clean with a cloth. Now the doll can be dried using a dabbing technique. Please, pay attention to the fact that the body openings are not forgotten, you can clean this by using kitchen paper which will prevent mold.
Please do not use any organic preparations, because this could be the perfect environment for microbes.
After your DollsClub Sex-doll got cleaned and was dried, you will find out that the skin of the sex-doll looks coarse and rough. For this we recommend the use of customary baby powder. Rub your Sex-doll with baby powder which will smoothen its skin and keep impurities away. An additionally good benefit is the soft skin created.


  • DollsClub recommends the use of a bathtub
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge
  • Careful dabbing instead of scrubbing
  • Use a mild detergent
  • Let the doll dry on a table
  • Do not forget to clean the inside!
  • Refrain from using organic cleaners
  • Treat the doll after cleaning with baby powder