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Irontech Doll

silicone sex doll Miyuki | Japanese girl

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1 Which skin-color should your sex doll have?

2 Which wig should your sex doll have?

3 It couldn't be more realistic - implemented hair for your sex doll!

4 Which eye-color should your sex doll have?

5 What color should the nipples of your sexdoll have?

6 What size should the nipples of your Sexdoll have?

7 Which fingernails should your sex doll have?

8 Which toenails should your sex doll have?

9 Do you want a fixed or an interchangeable vagina?

10 Do you want implemented pubic hair ?

11 If you want your sex doll to be able to stand, please select this option.

12 Now with reinforced skeleton for 0€, instead of 100,00€!

13 Which mouth option should your sex doll have?

14 What breasts should your sexdoll have?

15 Fancy some upgrades for your sexdoll? (Multiple selection is possible)

€2,300.00 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Free of shipping costs!

Delivery time 14-28 Workdays***

authorized vendor! Mehr erfahren ...
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The Japanese Sexdoll Model Miyuki


Body measurements:

Height: 166m


Under bust:69cm

Waist: 67cm

Hip: 97cm


Clothing sizes:

  • Bra size: C
  • Shoe size: 36
  • Confection size: 32



  • Wig: #special wig
  • Eye color: brown
  • Skin: nature
  • Fingernails: french natural
  • Toe nails: red


Love holes:

  • Vagina: permanently installed
  • Vagina depth: 8in. / 19,5 cm
  • Vagina diameter: .8in. / 2,5 cm
  • Anal depth: 8in. / 19,5 cm
  • Anal diameter: .8in. / 2,5 cm


What a beautiful silicone sex doll from Irontech - The silicone real doll Miyuki is a Japanese looking model with beautiful black hair and those almond brown eyes. Her beautiful light and soft skin, made of an extremely high quality silicone, invites you to touch her, while her big plump breasts invite you to knead and massage them. Miyuki has a sweet expression, her look makes you want more and if you look at her pictures, then you want to tear her clothes off her body or? Treat yourself to this idea or certainly this dream to buy such a high quality silicone sex doll yourself instead of just looking at it and dreaming. We make Miyuki according to your wishes and send you pictures of your finished love doll immediately after production. This way we not only increase your anticipation for your silicone sex doll, but you can also give a final assessment and confirm the shipment to us for final storage. Arrived at the final storage, our colleagues will take care of your silicone doll and check whether it has survived the transport well and whether all wishes have been taken care of and implemented according to the order. Only then the beautiful Miyuki will be on its way to you. And this completely discreetly, because on request we deliver the doll to a desired day with desired time and this completely free of charge! Such a treasure you do not want to miss at home, so we also do this service free of charge, discreetly and with the utmost care. Sex dolls are ordered online from the provider DollsClub. We have many new models and always a large stock of sex dolls, which can be delivered within 1 - 2 days. 

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30 days return with unopened film
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Further information about the dimensions can be found here.

Height: 166m

Shoulder width: 40cm


Waist: 67cm

Hip: 97cm

Leg: 84cm

Feet: 22cm

Produkt: silicone sex doll Miyuki | Japanese girl
Hersteller: Irontech Doll
Sexdollfinder bra size: big breasts
Sexdollfinder figure: thin/normal
Sexdollfinder hair: black-haired
Sexdollfinder bottom: big butt, small butt
Sexdollfinder type: asian
Pubic hair: pubic hair #1, pubic hair #2, pubic hair #3
Eye color: brown
Vagina: firmly installed, interchangeable
type: european, latin
Fingernails: french nature, french pink, nature, pink, red
Toenails: black #13, dark pink #9, dark red #1, fuchsia #6, gold #5, green #11, grey #2, pink #8, red #7, rose #10, silver #4, white #3, yellow #12
Hair: Wig#1, Wig#2, Wig#3, Wig#4, Wig#5, Wig#6, Wig#7, Wig#8, Wig#9, Wig#10, Wig#11, Wig#12
Material: silicon
Height in cm: 166
Chest circumference in cm: 84
Waist in cm: 67
Hip in cm: 97
Weight in kg: 42
Skin color: bright, nature, tanned
Love holes: anal, vagina
Vagina depth in cm: 19.5
Vagina diameter in cm: 2.5
Anal depth in cm: 19.5
Anal diameter in cm: 2
What should you know about our Japanese silicone sex doll model Miyuki ? One of our other... more
silicone sex doll Miyuki | Japanese girl

What should you know about our Japanese silicone sex doll model Miyuki ?

One of our other exclusive love dolls from Irontech Dolls also made it into our Sortiemnt. The sex dolls are characterized by a very flexible and stable metal skeleton, which allows different positions and positions during sex. The skin feel of the Irontech Dolls is comparatively soft and just as resistant as that of our premium sex dolls. This company is also based in China and can look back on many years of experience. The production of every single sex doll is extremely complex and requires the greatest precision, as we have seen on many visits. You will see this professional care above all in the many details, which have all been worked out very carefully by hand. They are also what make a Realdoll of Irontech Dolls so deceptively lifelike that really no wishes will remain unfulfilled. We also have very trustful relationships with this renowned manufacturer.

The three openings, which the experts have worked into the mouth, anus and vagina, will give you maximum sexual pleasure. You'll find it hard to get enough of her even after a long time! You will quickly learn to appreciate the weight of a Climax sex doll, because it will also give you the feeling of dealing with a real woman. In addition, the Realdoll from Irontech Dolls is quite mobile, with the metal skeleton inside providing the necessary stability.

Just look at the face of this beautiful silicone Real Doll Carmel, doesn't she look adorable? Extremely rare in our assortment - smiling sex dolls only why is that so? Well, when making heads that are smiling, it unfortunately happens very quickly that the sex doll gets a disconcerting, almost frightening expression, because it is extremely difficult to have the facial structure made so naturally. But especially with silicone, the material offers a significant advantage in the implementation of precisely these facial features, since the artists can work much finer here. What comes out when the art of craftsmanship is mastered is shown by this incredibly beautiful silicone Real Doll from Irontech. Such a natural and pretty face, you rarely find in our stock and assortment, that's for sure! 

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