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Fleshlights are among the most popular masturbators for men worldwide. This is due to the simple application, the sensitive stimulation and last but not least the unobtrusive appearance: in the packaged condition this masturbator type actually looks deceptively like a flashlight and for this reason also has its sounding name.


The original Fleshlight Masturbator is produced by the American manufacturer Interactive Life Forms (ILF) and has already won the AVN Award several times, one of the most popular awards in the erotic industry, which has been presented in many categories since 1984. More than 40 different variants of the popular sex-toy for men ensure that there is a model to suit every preference. The special feature of the Sex Toys, also known as pocket pussy, is its unusual and extremely discreet packaging: From the outside, the toy looks like a flashlight. The unobtrusive appearance ensures that you can take your toy with you everywhere and let your desire run free at any time.


What looks like a flashlight from the outside is similar to most masturbators for men. Fleshlights consist of a tube of flexible and skin-like material, also called insert. Depending on the model, the inner channel is provided with a special texture to intensify stimulation and increase the pleasure of playing. The opening of the Fleshlight Masturbator can be different, mostly as vagina, anus or mouth opening. The models for the realistically designed entrances to the pocket pussy are in many cases famous porn stars like Teagan Presley, Anikka Albrite or Jenna Haze.


To enjoy playing with your Fleshlight for a long time, it is important to thoroughly clean the pocket pussy after each use. Residues of sperm or lubricant or insufficient drying can lead to the formation of germs and mould. Cleaning is easy: After use, take the insert out of the case and rinse it inside and outside with plenty of warm water. To clean the inner channel thoroughly, fill it with water, hold both ends shut and shake it back and forth a few times. Then you let the water drain off. If you have a strongly grooved model for a lot of pleasure, you should change the insert and wipe out the chambers and spaces one by one. Take care to proceed gently and leave the hose in the upside-down state for only a few minutes so that no deformations or cracks occur.

Never use normal soap or hand wash for cleaning your Fleshlight, the ingredients can attack the material. Ideal is a cleaner that is especially suitable for the Fleshlight, have a look around in our accessories shop. In any case, the use of oil and grease-free cleaning products is important. For a thorough disinfection you can use a suitable disinfectant.

After cleaning, your pocket pussy must dry thoroughly. This applies in particular to the inner duct. You can let the Fleshlight open on both sides air dry for a few hours, faster with a hair dryer - but only with cold air to avoid overheating the material.

After repeated use and cleaning of the Fleshlight, the velvety surface can become sticky. Dust the surface with baby powder, pure corn starch or a special care powder, then the soft and supple texture is restored.


With the Fleshlight Launchpad from our range, you can attach your iPad to the Fleshlight while playing, indulge your desire uninhibitedly and at the same time take your favourite star with you on the tablet.